If your website is new or not rank well on Google with your desire keywords, you need to focus on creating high quality backlinks for your website. If you want to know how to create high quality backlinks with zero investment, read the complete articles. In this article, I will share with you—step by step process of how you could create backlinks and rank your website quickly.

Ranking your website on Google is not Rocket Science. If someone can do it, that means you can probably do it. You just need the right path to do it.


quality backlinks

Fix on-page SEO for your website

Before you start off-page activities, you need to do on-page SEO. Without on-page SEO, all work going to waste.

How to do On-page SEO

On-page SEO is simple; if you are using Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugin, You can do it quickly. When you start SEO work, first analyse your website to check if there is an issue on your website. You can analysis with some free or paid tools. There are many tools where you could check your website report. I want to suggest woorank.com (paid tool). You can also check your website report with seositecheckup.com (a Free tool). It’s an completely free tool. You can generate your website analysis report and download it as well.

If you found any issue, kindly fix it. There are some initial steps to start SEO. Here are some lists to fix before start off-page SEO.

  • Optimization of Title Tags
  • Optimization of Meta Description Tags “According to the Page content.”
  • Optimization of Meta Keywords Tags
  • Header Tags Optimization for all important pages
  • URL Optimization
  • Optimization of italics and bold tags
  • Optimizing HTML Code
  • Analysis of non-index able attributes
  • Robots Optimization
  • Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt and Title tags
  • Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization
  • Optimization of internal Navigation /linking structure
  • Optimization of external Links
  • Analysis of Broken Links
  • Page Content Optimization
  • Checking of Canonicalization error
  • Website URL Redirection
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Website load time
  • Checking the page size

These are some important points you need to follow while doing on-page SEO. Once everything is complete, then do keywords research. Based on keywords, write meta title and description. Once on-page work done, then start working on the off-page Activities.

How to do Off Page SEO

If you want to rank your website on Google, then you need high quality backlinks. Nowadays, everyone doing the same things. Generate more backlinks from random sites. Like WordPress.com, Digg, Dribble, Reddit etc. These websites are good, but you will not get permanent backlinks from them because they remove your links regularly after a few days later of posting.

You can check your website with Backlinks checker tools that how many Backlinks URL remove every day.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks to Your Website for Free

As you can see, everyday backlinks have removed. What’s the point to keep doing the same things and expect different results. However, In the articles, I will help you how to create unique high quality backlinks.

Step-1 : Check Who ranks currently on your keywords.

Before you start the game, you need to know who is your competitor’s. It will give you clear pictures of how to win and which strategy you need to apply. Otherwise, you will do the hard work but never get the ranking.

On Backlinks Generate game, you need a proper strategy to compete with your competitors and rank your keywords on the top page on Google with the minimum timeframe.

For Example:- Let’s say your website name is bakerspartyshop.com, and you target a keyword bakery shop supplies. You can search bakery shop supplies on Google to see who comes top of the page.

bakery shop supplies

Now, You can see webstaurantstore.com come Top of the search results. Here you identify who your competitors are, and you would like to rank over this website.

The Next Steps is to Research Your Competitor’s. If you use any paid tools like Ahrefs.com. Research your Competitor’s Backlinks list and Referring Domains. These will give you a complete idea of how to make a strategy to get over the ranking.



Once you analyze your competitors’ website, you can make a strategy for how much effort you need to put to get more backlinks for your website. Remember, Only backlinks never help to get ranking; Referring Domains are also more important.

Create single high quality backlinks with more Referring Domains; your website page will rank top of the search engine. So more focus on quality, not quantity. The more domain you work in, the more quick and quality results you will get.

Now the question is how to get more High DA domain to generate backlinks? The answer is simple, Get the domain list from your competitor’s website.



You can see all the URL where backlinks are generated. Now, Export the list and Find the high-quality domain from the list. Once you get enough Off-Page Activities website list, then start working on it. If you generate one link from one website, there are low chances to get removed.

Always create backlinks with unique content. Write unique Articles  and post on third party websites to get backlinks. No one like Spam. If you provide unique content and ask for backlinks, They will be happy to give you.

We need to create a win-win situation to get backlinks so that your backlink will be not removed from any websites.


Everyone prefers a healthy relationship where both can benefit. If we follow all Google guidance and generate backlinks, Google will rank your website quickly. Always try to find a high-quality domain and post your unique content so that website will keep your post safe and give you high-quality backlinks. If you need any help to generate quality Backlink, let me know, LuvCite will help you.

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