Lead Generation

Our B2B lead generation campaigns will introduce your company to hundreds of potential prospects each week. Every phone call is an opportunity to present your product or service and stimulate interest. Our team of sales agents are experts at finding new sales leads, giving you a sales funnel full of new prospects to nurture and convert.


Lead Generation Companies often try to garner new leads by simply sending out mass email blasts or general flyers. At The Pipeline, we take a unique approach to lead generation.Our lead generation services take a personalised, human approach. We don’t just work on providing high-volume, low-quality leads. Instead, we take the time to help you build trust and the potential for long-lasting business relationships with your customers. Our service allows us to reduce time and effort involved with lead generation.

How to get started

  • Assess your needs
  • Set objectives and goals
  • Define qualification criteria
  • Develop the message
  • Briefing meetings with the operations team
  • Training sessions with your sales agents
  • Lead tracking and reporting through our online portal


When we embark on a lead generation campaign we seek to understand your product or service, what makes you different and who makes up your target audience. That knowledge is then utilized to create a rapport which leads to sincere, genuine communication with your prospects.

Our objective is to turn your cold data into warm prospects and create a database rich with qualification information and market intel. We don’t rely on scripts but our ability to promote real conversation.