Local SEO

Local SEO

We create successful online marketing campaigns for global and local companies to make them competitive with the big boys. We understand the difficulties of finding the perfect marketing agency for your goals. SEO-based digital marketing is difficult to understand but can be crucial to the success of your business.

We consistently put small and large businesses into the top search results of google within Local areas. Our team of dedicated specialists are driven by knowledge and experience. Conducting in depth research & analysis to get your business found by the right customers.

We are so confident about our results, that we are offering a page #1 Google ranking within 90 days or less, or you pay nothing!

SEO Services

SEO is a process that determines the order of results generated from a user query in a search engine such as Google. LuvCite Digital Marketing Agency plays by the rules of the algorithms in order to increase the visibility of your website in order to boost rankings. Prime, organic results of a great SEO campaign means using search engines to optimize the number of organic visitors to your website. Local SEO is a specialization that specifically targets customers in your area. It not only customizes your business presence on the web, but your business presence in local areas in all over the world.


When you search for something on Google, do you often find yourself including a location? As it turns out, a huge percentage of Google queries include a postcode, town, city, state or country in an effort to find information relevant to the user. This is especially true for those searching for products or services which they hope to find in their own city or neighbourhood.

As a local SEO specialist, we can help you structure your website, curate content and implement specific strategies in a way that targets specific areas you operate in. In doing so, you dramatically increase your chances of ranking higher for Google searches mentioning these locations alongside specific keywords. In turn, you draw more traffic to your website and have the opportunity to convert visitors into customers.