Did you know that your competitors are already using video in their content strategy? Such as digital advertising on YouTube. Currently, 81% of brands are doing video marketing to promote their business.This marketing is an ideal means of reaching one generation to another generation. Video marketing is the best way to connect with users in a fast, direct and emotional way.If you are still confused about video marketing then here we are describing the complete detail, find them now!

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What is video marketing?

Video Marketing is a marketing technique in which audio visual material is used to promote a brand, service, or product. Although video marketing is not an exclusive strategy of online marketing, it has grown significantly thanks to the Internet and social networks.Making quality video content is an investment in time and effort. And today, the data clearly show audio visual content has a positive impact on sales and ROI.

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 Importance of video marketing

Video marketing has long since ceased to be a trend followed by a few and became a reality. Here are statistics that demonstrate the benefits of video marketing. Let’s see some!

  • Videos help companies get 66% more qualified leads.
  • Conversions increase 86% by making the video on the landing page
  • Users spend up to 88% more time on websites with video resources.
  • 94% of users watch explanatory videos to better understand the products.
  • 70% of companies confirm that the use of video improves brand recognition.
  • 97% of companies say that video content will be their priority in 2020.
  • On Twitter also videos get 3times more responses than other general tweets.
  • 90% of users making purchase decisions during watch the video.

Video is the perfect way to get attention and impact our audience.

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Advantages of video marketing

We all like listings, so the time has come to list all the advantages of video marketing in a Digital Marketing strategy.

  • Increase transformation rate: As found in the insights, the video prompts activity.
  • They are probably going to be shared on Social Networks, particularly in case it is something enthusiastic or diverting.
  • Improves lastingness: Retains the consideration of clients. On the off chance that you put a video on your site it will draw in the client and the lastingness on the page will be more prominent.
  • Help with SEO positioning: because of the two benefits above, video advances natural situating.
  • More commitment: The video can tell a great deal in a brief time frame. The messages are generally clearer, more straightforward, and extremely visual. This makes the client effectively associate with the brand.
  • It generates trust: a product video, interviews, and people talking… seeing what’s behind the company makes it more real and believable for users. Add a close tone to your brand.
  • Improve the user experience
  • The platforms know it: Users are already addicted to video and social media platforms are aware. That is why they reward audio visual content by giving it more scope and adding tools that encourage the creation of more content of this type.
  • They make the customer participate: do not think only of brand video, it has thousands of possibilities. Webinars or live shows are also video content, they allow users to interact and feel part of what’s going on.

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5 tips for effective video marketing

  • Optimal Duration
    Keep in mind that every video must have an optimal length: if it is too short, people will be left wanting more, and if it is too long, chances are that they will not finish watching it and will miss potential customers. Therefore, the average duration should not exceed 4 minutes and should be at least 40 seconds.
  • Creativity
    A video must have the property of not only capturing the user’s attention but also of causing changes in emotions and touching on relevant aspects in individual, family, and collective dynamics. That imagination is in motion!
  • Quality
    The video must be made with quality: one aspect that will trigger negative reviews is the quality of the video. Being meticulous in this regard will encourage positive feedback about the video, the product, and the company involved, thus gaining customers and a reputation. The idea is this: the more professional the content, the better!
  • Accessibility
    In the first option, videos must be made that can be accessed for free: these will be the engine that will empower you through social networks and, as you know, if we see the word “pay” in an advertisement, we will back down.
  • Segmentation
    You can use generic videos aimed at all types of audiences and special videos focused on a very specific target. This last option is usually the best if we have done a small market study since potential customers feel attracted to the purchase due to personalized attention.

Online videos have emerged as a communication format that offers great potential in the market since it easily connects with the consumer and expands the effect of any advertising campaign. Knowing how to make good advertising videos can make the difference between your company and the competition.

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