Do you have a business but don’t have Google my business in 2021, then you are missing a big amount of profit for your business. Yes, Shocked then stay tuned with us to know where you are lacking and how you get a big benefit.

Did you know that 3.8 million searches are performed every minute on Google? Millions of people are looking for local businesses in their area. People are now trying to find out everything just with one click. So make your business spread not only in your area but also in every corner of the world With Google my Business (GMB).

What Is Google My Business

What is Google my business?

Google my business is a free application or tool that Google itself has created so that all local businesses have a file of their business and can position themselves in the searches of potential customers through their location.

The goal of Google my business is to offer greater visibility to your business and that your potential customers can find you more easily.

What can you do with Google my Business?

What can you do with Google my Business?

  • You can look at search statistics and the know-how they find you.
  • Add your products and services.
  • Interact with your customers by commenting on their reviews.
  • Keep you informed of your recent offers, events, and news.
  • Notify of your special schedules.
  • Show a virtual tour of your property.
  • Earn stars from 1 to 5 in the ranking of your local competitors.
  • Take them directly to your business with Google maps.
  • Upload images to your tab.

How do Google my business reviews improve your ranking?

Read and answer all the reviews of your customers, there are surveys that reveal that the companies that respond to their users, 91% of the respondents are guided by the reviews they find on the internet as if the recommendation was from a known person. Keep this in mind in your customer service as potential new customers can be fixed and be the deciding factor to go to your place or not. Also, Google values that interaction and will consider you more in the search ranking positioning you at the top.

Benefits of Google my Business

1. Establish a direct relationship with customers

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of Google my business. You can know who your customers are and what they think about your product or services.

2. Improve your digital presence

Yes, you can do your business online and improve it digitally. Make your brand popular by adding descriptions, photos, locations on the map and punctuates the brand will allow you to gain a greater presence in Google searches. Depending on the content generated and the interactions made by users, the positioning of your business will also improve.

3. You increase the confidence of your users

Through this tool, you will be able to manage all the information that appears about your company.

In addition, brands that verify information in Google My Business increase their chances that users will have greater confidence in them.

4. You have virtual tours

Another great advantage offered by Google My Business for companies is the possibility of taking a virtual tour. That is, the platform allows you the possibility to upload a virtual tour of your business that is added to the location on Google Maps.

5. Integration with the Google environment

Using Google My Business will help you improve the management of other Google tools such as YouTube and Google Analytics that are already integrated.

Additional Benefits

You can manage it from your mobile

To be able to use Google My Business it is not necessary to be connected to a desktop computer since you have an application for Android and also for iOS that allows all companies to manage Google My Business from mobile devices.

You can manage it from your mobile

How much does Google My Business cost?

Surely you are thinking that it has a monthly or annual cost. You’re wrong; Google my business is totally FREE. You can create your tab, fill in all the information, upload photos, updates, news, events, and promotions and for free.

Google’s goal for 2021 is to boost local services or products in the area in which you are located.

Google my business empowers locals business, Start Google my Business now!

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