Rank Maths Content AI for SEO

Rank Math Content AI Feature

Rank Math Content AI feature: Make your site SEO friendly with Personal AI Assistant   The popular Rank Math SEO plugin has added in its latest update an AI-based content assistant called Content AI. They claim that this assistant uses its artificial intelligence engine, which “learns” from data from various sources, although there is no information about those […]

Google Quality Standard With E.A.T & YMYL

Make Your Website To Meet Google Quality Standard With E.A.T & YMYL

First, let’s define what are E-A-T and YMYL sites? How these abbreviations are deciphered and what they mean. E-A-T – “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness” – competence, credibility, reliability. YMYL – “Your Money Your Life” – your money, your life. Often, Google doesn’t cover changes in ranking algorithms after updates. However, this is key information for SEOs […]