SMS Marketing

sms marketing

Marketing becomes incredibly simple, if it is send through media-rich customized SMS, composing in a range of languages scheduling/slicing initiatives and excluding opt-outs! You could now track the delivery position in actual-time for every SMS forwarded. To measure, test or optimize its performance from your high volume SMS campaigns, get concentrated click reports too.

About SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a form of communication with a broad range of smartphone-technology users. With our high volume SMS marketing service, your company can connect to special offers and discount price to thousands for potential clients in Bhubaneswar and throughout the globe, providing your message right into their back pockets. You can produce or deliver a message you wish to convey to your clients in a way you understand they will see!

Luvcite Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd SMS Marketing Services is a tried and a true way to communicate with clients. With our bulk SMS advertising service, you can enjoy a variety of industry-defining technologies including data merging or online book address facilities.

sms marketing

Our SMS Marketing Services

The great part is that our team at Luvcite will work to your business to find the solution that greatest meets your needs for bulk instant messaging. Trust in such a reliable continuous text messaging provider that has been relied upon by several global companies over the years, and also the present.

Why Choose Us?

Your first messages can be free and that in order to use the free credit, you do not have to enter any card information. Price may not increase along with your data size-send SMS as you want, with only paying for what will use.

Luvcite becomes pay-as-you-use, and so when not using, you don't have to pay. So, don't worry about any other monthly fee you forget regarding, and continue to pay.

We are so confident in our quality and deliver a 100 percent SLA guarantee for uptime so that you can be sure that your text will reach if you need it.

Our company is not only often operational rather we also use efficient routes. So be ensured that your texts are completed on time if you click onto the send, each time through the fastest route.